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Our Story

Datapro Technology Solutions was established in 1995 as Datapro Custom Systems with the original goal of developing customized business software that effectively digitizes and automates existing business processes.

We started by predominantly developing custom user-facing software using Microsoft Access. Over the years, as both technology and our own skill set have evolved, we have expanded our development toolbox to include the entire suite of Microsoft development products, now referred to as the Microsoft ‘stack’.

We have progressed from developing user-facing Windows-based software, to creating comprehensive cloud-based 'solutions' that can include any combination of cloud software, Windows-based software and mobile components. We also provide 'systems integration' services to ensure that the various components of a solution, as well as pre-existing company software, seamlessly work together to form a cohesive technology ‘solution’.

Datapro company story

Our Approach

datapro approach

At Datapro Technology Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to gain the deep knowledge of each client’s business that is so vital to creating effective technology solutions.

We have developed a stellar reputation for understanding that technology is not an end unto itself, but a means to create solutions that effectively meet real-world business needs. Along with this understanding, we have the proven knowledge and skills that are required to gain a detailed understanding of each client's business, and turn this understanding into solutions that effectively meet client needs and expectations.

As we like to say...

“We don’t write a word of programming code until we understand your business almost as well as you do.”

Our Technologies

Datapro Technology Solutions utilizes primarily the Microsoft suite of development tools when developing solutions for our clients. When development user-facing software and integration components, we use the group of development technologies that make up the Microsoft .Net Framework or .Net Core, with Microsoft SQL Server serving as the database.

With the rapid rise of cloud-computing in recent years, most of our solutions are now cloud-based, meaning that the user-facing software runs in an internet browser and can be securely accessed from anywhere. Our cloud-based solutions can be hosted on Microsoft Azure, or any other cloud services provider that supports the Microsoft platform.

Microsoft technologies

The advent of cloud-computing has also led to a rapid transformation from exclusively internal staff-facing solutions, to solutions that include customer and vendor-facing components, as well as components that can be accessed by 'field' staff whose roles are performed outside of the office. 

With the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, much of the cloud software we develop is 'mobile-friendly', meaning it can be effectively used on any mobile device with an internet connection.

Our custom solutions can also leverage and integrate with Microsoft's suite of organization-level products, including 365 (formerly Office), Exchange, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.

When appropriate, we still develop Windows PC-based software, although, with the many advantages of cloud-based software, Windows-based software is becoming less common. Windows-based components are now almost always part of a larger solution that also includes cloud-based components.

We also continue to support a number of legacy turnkey Windows-based applications built using Microsoft Office Access.

Our Partners

Over the years we have established relationships with a number of complimentary technology providers that we may be required to partner with to deliver all of the technology needs of a comprehensive solution.

Datapro has carefully selected partners with a proven track record who share our philosophies of professionalism, business-orientation and customer-focus.

Here are a couple of our most trusted partners.

partner technical action group

The Technical Action Group Inc (TAG) helps small to medium-sized companies that depend on computer systems to conduct their business. By assuming the burden of managing their technology and keeping all systems running at their optimum, these companies can stay focused on their core business.


Kirby, Pezzack And Associates Inc. is an IT services company that specializes in the implementation and support of Spire Accounting software, as well as the support of legacy Sage BusinessVision installations. Among many other projects we've worked on together, we collaborated with Kirby, Pezzack And Associates on a solution that won a 2003 BusinessVision Visionary Award for Integration.

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